CQC Tactics Senior Instructor

Sgt. Kevin Bernard

Kevin B small

Professional career

Police Officer:  1991- present, SWAT Team member: 1999- 2011, SWAT Commander: 2011 - present


Martial Arts Background

Tang Soo Do (Karate), KravMaga, Combat Wrestling, Brazilian JuiJitsu, Muay Thai, SystemaSpetsnaz


Instructor Certifications

Pa State Police Firearms Instructor (pistol & shotgun), NRA Patrol Rifle Instructor (semi-auto carbine), Combat Wrestling Instructor (Green Belt – Level 1 Instructor), Active Shooter and Dynamic Ambush Instructor, *other Law Enforcement certifications provided upon request

Training Seminars and Schools Attended

Basic SWAT school, Weapons of Mass Destruction Tactical Deployment School, Law Enforcement Executive Development, Police Officer Supervisor In-Service Training, Rapid Engagement and Counter Terror Operations, Aircraft (tubular) Assault, Dynamic Entry/Hostage Rescue, Noise Flash Diversionary Device (FlashBang), Specialty Impact Munitions, Taser, Tactical Handcuffing, Israeli counter-terrorism tactics for police

Schools attended were from a variety of experts in their fields.  Some schools have been attended more than once and in more than one venue.  Instructors have included members of The British Special Air Service (SAS),Grenzschutzgruppe 9 (GSG-9), United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM), NYPD, Israeli Special Operations Counter-Terrorism (LOTAR), United States Naval Special Operations Command (NAVSPECWARCOM), Pittsburgh SWAT, Philadelphia SWAT and a host of other Special Operations Police Officers, Marines and Soldiers from across the United States.

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