Next Generation Kids Krav Maga

Krav Maga is recognized as one of the most efficient and realistic self-defense systems. It is easy enough for children to learn, yet effective enough for federal and local law enforcement agencies to use. Over 400 law enforcement agencies and military units throughout the United States and thousand of civilians train in Krav Maga.

Next Generation Krav Maga is a realistic, easy to learn, effective, and FUN self defense system. It is designed to provide life skills and increase the fitness level of youth ages 6-12 The program is designed to give each student a head start on preparing for the challenges that await them in the not too distant future. This is an exciting and rewarding program that provides students with the skills and experiences that help them to learn how to be street smart and avoid being a victim. We encourage students to improve their overall level of fitness through games, drills and circuit training routines that improve aerobic endurance, strength, speed, agility and coordination. Next Generation will also rotate different life skill themes each week that focus on respect, discipline, teamwork, goal setting, leadership and more to help make them ready for all aspects of life.

The class format is structured to be both fun and challenging. Instructors design each class to correspond to the skills and sensitivities of each student. Our goal is for the Next Generation program to build confidence through knowledge in the mind, honesty in the heart, strength in the body and to create a positive change personally, socially and academically for each of our students.




Krav Maga Underground

      Krav Maga is the official defensive tactics system of the Israeli Defense Force. Their soldiers are men and women aged 18 to 51, so their fighting system focuses on techniques that are:

  • Based on instinctive movements, so they are easy to learn and easy to remember under stress.
  • Not dependent on size, strength, or special physical ability, so Krav Maga techniques can be used effectively by men and women of all ages.

     Krav Maga is the most practical, fastest-growing self defense system in the United States, used by hundreds of U.S. law enforcement agencies and military units, and practiced by thousands of adults across the country.

Key Benefits Include

  • Self confidence with all aspects of your life
  • Threat awareness, avoidance, and neutralization
  • How to deal with bullies and pier pressure
  • Better focus and a stronger mindset
  • Over all fitness and increased body mechanics




CQC Tactics

     Close Quarter Combat (CQC) has been around as long as man has waged war on one another.  It is the basis on which all fighting is founded. Weapons were created to distance ourselves from this up close and personal fighting style.  As of yet, no weapon has been created that eliminates the need to learn and master the art of CQC.  All warriors train with their tools of combat.  CQC teaches gun fighting…period.  Fighting does not change based upon the weapon or tool you possess.  Weapons and tools are extensions of the true fighting machine….the Warrior.


Our Training Program

     CQC Tactics conducts Seminars and private lessons for individuals and small groups in the proper tactical use of Firearms. All training is customized to the needs of the student. A young police trainee needs to learn different firearm techniques than an office worker. The police officer needs skills in taking violent persons into custody, staying in the fight all while protecting themselves and others. Clients wanting the self-confidence of being able to protect themselves with a firearm may not need or want the same techniques. Military, Law Enforcement and Security Personnel may need to see the fight through to a custodial arrest. A “civilian” may just need the opportunity to escape to safety. All training is based on YOUR needs. Firearm techniques are combat proven for a multitude of situations. They are simple in their design and application. Any Firearms Instructor that tells you their way is the only way is WRONG. Many styles and techniques are combat effective. Your training attitude and mindset are what makes the difference…remember the mind is the Warriors most valuable weapon.


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